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Best Gifts for Drummers (That We Actually Want)

By September 23, 2017 April 30th, 2021 No Comments

Whether you’re shopping for a friend, child, bandmate, or co-worker, it can be tough to find the right gift for a drummer. In this list, I offer 12 simple recommendations for products that every drummer will love and use.

1. Cymbal Bacon – $9
This chain-like cymbal accessory hangs off of any cymbal, and creates a shimmery effect when the cymbal is hit. Great for ride cymbals and crash cymbals, this minimal accessory travels easily and records beautifully. Works in all genres and styles of music.

2. Ching Ring – $15
This cymbal accessory is ideal for hi hats, but can also be placed directly on top of any cymbal. The 5 jingles on the Ching Ring create a musical sound that can be applied to any genre or style of music.

3. Slapklatz
While there are many ways that drummers can control the tone and resonance of their drums, the most common method is to place something sticky on the top of a drum head, which slows down the vibrations of the drum. SlapKlatz offers small round “drum mutes” that stick directly to the top of any drumhead. Offered in Clear and Lime Green, these mutes come in multiple sizes to achieve any level of muting that’s desired.

4. SM57 – $100
The SM57 Microphone by Shure is one of the most universally used mics in the world. This microphone can be used to record almost any piece of a drum set, and is one of the most durable mics on the market. The SM57 is one of those “can’t have too many” items.

5. 14” Evans G2 Coated Head – $16
There’s an excellent chance that the drummer you’re shopping for uses a 14” Snare Drum. Drumheads have fairly short lifespans, and replacing the heads on drums is a great way to maintain the instrument’s sound. The 14” G2 Coated Head by Evans is the “Honda Civic of Drumheads.” Versatile, durable, and reliable; you simply cannot go wrong with a Coated G2.

6. Evans Magnetic Drum Key – $12
Any drummer will tell you that you can never have enough drum keys. This magnetic drum key by Evans is built to last, and has a solid feel in your hand. The magnetic feature locks the key into place when tightening or loosening drum heads, which makes for speedy tuning.

7. DrumDial – $60
The DrumDial is a device used for precise drum tuning. Much like an inverted scale, the DrumDail measures the tension of a drum head’s surface. (Measures pressure from the bottom, as opposed to pressure from the top.) This accessory is excellent for getting that “perfect” sound out of your drums, and allows drummers to eliminate the guess work of tuning.

8.Vic Firth Universal Practice Tips – $8
Take your practice pad everywhere! Universal Practice Tips (UPT) are small rubber pads that slip onto the end of any drum stick. With rubber tips at the end of your sticks, you can play on almost any surface with a quiet and controlled sound. Ideal for travel, warming up, or late night practice sessions.

9.Tama Quick Set Cymbal Mate – $20
Cymbals can be unruly when played heavily, and sometimes it’s a struggle to keep them on the stands. Tama’s Quick-Set Cymbal Mate is one of the most innovative products for mounting your cymbals. Simply slip the Cymbal Mate onto any stand, and use the buttons on the sides for quick removal. Internal threads allow this cymbal topper to be twisted (tightened/loosened) like a normal cymbal topper.

10.VicKick Bass Drum Beater – $20
This wooden kick drum beater attaches to any bass drum pedal, and offers an enhanced kick drum sound. Made in Wood, Felt, and Wool, these options offer a variety of bass drum sounds, and are easily installed and removed.

11. Meinl Cymbal Boom Arm – $40
Instead of surrounding your drum set with bulky cymbal stands, many drummers prefer cymbal “arms” instead. This arm from Meinl is heavy duty, and can attach to any cymbal stand that’s already on the drummer’s kit. This arm allows for extra cymbals to be mounted virtually anywhere, without taking up valuable floor space in the studio.

12. Meinl Cymbal Tuners – $20
These small magnets by Meinl help to change the sound of any cymbal. Simply place one magnet on the top of the cymbal, and the other on the bottom. The “pinch” of the magnets slightly softens the cymbal’s sound, and the magnets can be moved around the cymbal for different levels of dampening.