How does this website work? is a growing collection of educational content for drummers. You’ll find hundreds of Adam’s Lessons, Practice Loops, Interviews, and other videos here. A new Lesson and Loop are added to the website every Saturday. All Lessons are only accessible through an All Access Membership. All Practice Loops can be purchased individually with or without a Membership, and you can stream or download your purchased files right away.

How do I get the Lessons and Loops?

Lessons can only be accessed through an All Access Membership. Memberships allow you to access 100% of the content on, including all Lesson Packs, Masterclasses, Single Lessons, Practice Loops, Interviews, and more.

Loops Packs can be purchased and downloaded individually, regardless of whether or not you have a Membership. After checkout, your Loops will immediately be unlocked in the store. The price will disappear from the product, and you can simply click on the Loop Pack to start streaming or download your files.

What are Masterclasses?

Masterclasses are extended (video) Drum Lessons, designed to replicate the “Private Lesson” experience with Adam. Masterclasses average 45 minutes in length, and we’ll cover as many as 12 exercises in that time. Remember, the title “Masterclass” implies the level of depth in our study – not the difficulty of the lesson.  Masterclasses are for drummers of all ages and skill levels.


All Masterclasses can be accessed with a Membership.

What are Lesson Packs?

Lesson Packs include 5 to 10 separate Video Drum Lessons on a specific topic. All Lesson Packs are edited to the same quality you’ll find in Adam’s YouTube lessons. Expect multiple high quality camera angles, on screen notation, crystal clear explanations, and on-screen prompts. Lesson Packs are recommended for drummers who prefer to learn things “one at a time” rather than take on a larger musical concept.


All Lesson Packs can be accessed with a Membership.

What are Single Lessons?

Single Lessons are 10 minute drum lessons on Adam’s grooves, fills, licks, and chops. These are your “rainy day” lessons. No heavy concepts; just straight forward patterns, presented with on-screen notation, from a crisp overhead view. If you’ve ever found yourself digging through YouTube for a new fill, try grabbing a Single Lesson and end the hunt. 😉


All Single Lessons can be accessed through a Membership.

What are Practice Loops?

Practice Loops are drumless play-along songs, produced exclusively for drummers. Each Practice Loop averages 10 minutes in length, and features long repeating musical sections. (Like 16 bar verses or 32 bar choruses.)

Many drummers use Practice Loops as an alternative to a traditional metronome, but we recommend using them for whatever YOU want. Students often our Loops for genre-specific practice, clinics/performances, and for social media content.

Each week, a new Practice Loop is added to the website. (4 years running!) You’ll find a variety of styles and tempos to choose from, including Rock, Blues, Funk, Metal, Country, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Ambient. Click the button below to watch a demo of every Loop available on the site!

Practice Loops

I bought a Practice Loop, and I want to make a recording to post online. (Drum Cover, Shed Video, etc.) Is this allowed?

Yes – we love seeing your videos of the Practice Loops! Please credit “” whenever reposting your performance. Use the same etiquette you would if you were covering an artist or band’s song. All Practice Loops are intentionally unlicensed, so you won’t have to worry about YouTube/Instagram bots flagging the content.

However, there are some uses of Loops which we do not permit.

  • Purchased Loops cannot be reposted to the internet unless you have added your own drum audio to the track. 
  • Purchased Loops cannot be used to support branded content. This includes gear videos, vlogs, teasers, and any video that isn’t about you playing the drums. If you need background music for any non-drum performance videos, please use websites like 

Why can’t I download Loops directly to my phone?

Did you know that Apple prevents all internet downloads that aren’t through approved apps? In fact, most phones do not allow ANY internet downloads of videos from your web browser. (We see this fail 9/10 times.) For this reason, we strongly recommend downloading Loops only to a desktop computer. You can then sync any of your content to your devices for offline playback.

Are these lessons Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced?

All of the above! Adam’s Lessons are heavily conceptual, so many of the concepts can be applied to any skill level. The descriptions of the lessons (as well as the preview videos in the store) offer an indication of each lesson’s difficulty.

Remember, with any specialized skill set, its tough to label as “beginner” or “advanced.” The content’s difficulty is relative to your current skill set on the drums, and on specific topics you’ve studied. All musical concepts are explored from their earliest stages, through Adam’s most advanced applications.

How do I cancel my All Access Membership?

To cancel your Membership, please send an email directly to and we would be happy to assist you. Please contact us at least 24 hours before your billing date to cancel your Membership, and make sure to include the original email that is linked to your account.

Can I get a refund on my Membership?

We offer refunds should a technical difficulty prevent you from accessing your content. However, because digital content cannot be returned by nature, we do not offer refunds, or pro-rated refunds of Membership fees.  You can cancel your Membership at any time by sending an email to


We take pride in offering previews of every piece of content on the site, to ensure that new Members know exactly what to expect. We encourage you to dig in to the Vault previews, and be certain that we’re a good fit before spending your money. If you have any questions about Memberships before signing up, please reach out via the contact form (or the live chat) and we’d be happy to help!

I’d like to book a clinic or event with Adam.

Let’s do it! For all all booking inquiries, send an email directly to

Where is the Lesson/Loop of the Week?

The Lesson and Loop of the week are updated every Saturday morning on the homepage of the site.  Click here to see this week’s Lesson and Loop.