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November Content Schedule

Week 1

  • Nov. 2nd – Trap Pack Vol. 3 | Loop 3
  • Nov. 4th – Practicing 101 Masterclass
  • Nov. 6th – Yoga For Drummers 101

Week 2

  • Nov. 9th – Trap Pack Vol. 3 | Loop 4
  • Nov. 11th – Brandon Combs Interview
  • Nov. 13th – Yoga For Drummers 102

Week 3

  • Nov. 16th – Trap Pack Vol. 3 | Loop 5
  • Nov. 18th – Tom Tuning Masterclass (Update)
  • Nov. 20th – Yoga for Drummers 103

Week 4

  • Nov. 23th – Trap Pack Vol. 3 | Loop 6
  • Nov. 25th – Studio Tour 2019 Update
  • Nov. 27th – Yoga For Drummers 104
  • Nov. 30th – Trap Pack Vol. 3 | Loop 7 (FREE DOWNLOAD DAY)

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25 Lesson Packs

Learn step by step with guided Lesson Packs, centered around a specific topic.

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No more hunting for chops on YouTube. Learn dozens of unique fills and grooves.

19 Interviews

Watch hours of interviews with some of the world's most talented drummers.

Gear Discounts

Save 10% on products from our trusted partners, including Focusrite Audio Interfaces, and ClearTune In-Ear Monitors.

56 Masterclasses

In depth, one hour video lessons, exploring dozens of musical concepts.

230+ Practice Loops

Stream our massive library of album-quality drumless tracks. Rock, Pop, Funk, Hip-Hop, Blues, Metal, Jazz, and more.

60% Loop Discount

Need to download a loop? Never pay full price. (Resumes to 50% on 12/1/19)

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